Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jamik Howard was born a healthy boy to Deonna Howard-Rode on August 15,2005.  He would only get minor colds and an ear infection once a year. On Easter morning, April 24th, 2011, Jamik fell very ill.  He had a lump on the back of his head and one on his neck that, in March, doctors said it was because he was fighting a cold. April 28,2011, his mom brought him to a walk-in in Casselton, ND.  to see the doctor. They told her he had either mono or strep and a bulging ear drum. They took blood, gave him a shot for his ear and set him up with a doctor in Fargo, ND. Deonna brought him to Fargo on April 29, 2011. They too drew blood. While in the room, the doctor said "there is a doctor at Sanford that we r calling. Hes in Boston right now but will b coming back to see your son. His name is Dr. Kobrinsky." This is all Jamik's mom had to go from. They told her that her son was very ill and had to be in the hospital for a while. Dr. Kobrinsky is a Pediatric Oncology-Hemotologist. The family met with the doctor on April 30, 2011. Jamik was diagnosed wiyth Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Ever since, the family has been going through a hard time.


This was in the local papers in MN and ND. Six-year-old Jamik Howard, of Wheatland, N.D., visits with Santa Claus (Gale Fossen) in his hospital bed at Sanford Children's Hospital in Fargo. Deonna Rode knows how much it meant that Santa came to see him in the hospital this week. As soon as Jamik heard bells, he knew the big moment had arrived at Sanford’s Children’s Hospital in Fargo.